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Woodcote High School

You Said, We Did

At Woodcote High School we actively review what we do on an ongoing basis.

As part of that review, we listen to the feedback from across our community. We do that in a number of ways from the informal response to an email suggestion or comment to our more formal events like our recent Curriculum Evening.

Not all suggestions will be implemented but many are. This page outlines what our parents have said and what we have done to implement those suggestions and it will be updated as we continue to improve our school at every opportunity.

Do you have something to add? Contact us at enquiries@woodcotehigh.com and let us know what you think. If it is something that you can help us to implement - even better!


Families wanted to be better informed about homework

We have launched Show my homework a platform that allows parents to better access their children’s homework


Families wanted quick access to school info on students attendance and behaviour

We introduced a new app MYEd to allow parents greater access to this information

Teaching and Learning

Parents are concerned that all the intervention is focused on year 11 students

We have introduced Saturday school for year 8 and 9 students who are under performing in Maths and English. We have also planned Saturday master classes for our year 10 students.

Teaching and Learning

Parents are keen to help children improve revision at home

We have invested in GCSE pod which is a platform which allows parents and students to revise at home online.

Parent’s evening

Parents were unhappy about the current structure of Parent’s evening

We have now introduced an online Parents evening booking system which will improve the parents evening experience for all families


Families stated that they wanted more enrichment clubs at WHS

We have introduced an extensive enrichment program to offer a greater range of enrichment activities.


We don't understand the acronyms and abbreviations that are used in education

We have added a guide to acronyms on the WHS website

School Reports

There is still a lot of confusion regarding the new 1-9 grading

At every parent meeting we will keep educating families and students on the 1-9 levels and how it impacts WHS students


There is confusion regarding what the behaviour policy is.

The formal policy is on the WHS website. However, we will produce a condensed version in time for the new academic year


You said you hear rumours about bad behaviour and you would like to know what school is doing about this

We have introduced a very clear Behaviour system and centralised detentions alongside introducing Saturday detentions


It would be useful to have a complete set of dates published 1 year in advance so that parents/ carers can plan

We have created a year long calendar and these are published on both the website and in the curriculum booklets


We would like to understand more clearly what our children are learning

We will introduced Curriculum Evenings at the start of every academic year in which will feature schemes of work, reading lists and supporting websites


We have joined WHS but, as parents, we don't feel that we know anybody. We would like to create more of a community

We have ensured that the PTFA have a high profile at WHS so that parents can be better connected as they join the WHS community