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Woodcote High School


Woodcote High School is on an exciting journey and is going to build on its strong history and is absolutely determined to become a remarkable school.

We do not just wish to be an outstanding school in every respect but one of the most outstanding schools in the entire country. We have unashamedly high aspirations for the students in our care both pastorally and academically. We have no doubt that every child who joins us will have every opportunity to reach their full potential and leave us exceptionally well-placed for a happy and successful future.

We want to ensure that our students live by our ASPIRE principles of high Ambition, Self-reliance, Perseverance, Inquisitiveness, Respect and Enthusiasm for life. We also recognise that delivering first-class exam results is an equally fundamental responsibility. We have developed our curriculum to be not only academically rigorous but to foster a culture of excellence in our students.

We also understand that not all of our students are the same so our curriculum is created with these differences in mind. From a balanced and broad starting point, we seek to challenge all students to ensure they experience as much as they can in the short time that they are in compulsory education.

Children are talented in many different ways and it is our duty to ensure that our sportsmen and women, our musicians, our artists, and our sculptors are all encouraged to explore the unique nature of their interests and talents. We want to ensure that each of our students achieve success, in every way possible, and we are committed to ensuring that we achieve this goal.

Success will be achieved by all stakeholders working together in partnership as we see parents and school working in complete synergy to deliver remarkable outcomes for all our students. We will challenge and support students to meet our high standards and this will, ultimately help us to grow our students into the happy adults that we wish to develop.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.


Ms K Woodcock, Interim Headteacher